Soul Communication

If you have lost someone you loved very much, as I
have, you may be wondering if they are all right. 
When my Dad died, I was devastated!  I went to many
people trying to find answers. I had a lot of
unresolved issues about his death and was hoping
someone could help me.

I later found out he was indeed still with me and is
around me most of the time. This, while being a
comfort, also is very frustrating for me. I miss that
physical pressence and being able to see him in the
form I'm used to. I tell you this to let you this to let
you know that I truly do understand what you may
be going through. As the saying goes, "been there,
done that".

I met good people who were trying to really help me,
and others who were just out to take advantage of
my grief and naive'. Little did I know that I would
some day be doing the same for others. Maybe,
this is the reason I can now bring these messages
through from the other side. I have truly lived through it. My asssociates and I would like to try to help you alleviate your doubts and fears and hopefully bring you some comfort and understanding.

I have been able to bring for the messages from departed loved ones, human and animal, in which the survivors on this side have found comfort. I have lived by the motto, "I was put on this earth to help and to heal," and I think that soul communication is just one way in which I can follow through with this concept.

I know this is difficult to grasp at first, believe me. I was the "queen of Shocked" when I realized this. I mean if you can't use one of your senses to detect it, how could this possibly be real" I suppose that will have to remain Life's mysteries, until we cross over and find out first hand.

All I know is, messages have come across that have astounded people on this - things such as births, graduation, and marriages that have happened since the loved one's departure from the earth. There have been warnings about automobile parts, possible financial  problems or physical harm that have come through in my sessions with clients. Occasionally, there may be the confronting of a situation that is not healthy or wise for the person to be doing or to have done.

If your loved one had a sense of humor when they were here, I have found that they still do when they cross over. A little thing like death is not going to stop them from having a good time.  I can honestly say I have had quite a few laughs at the antics I have been able to communicate for them. I would like to help bring comfort and relief (and who knows, maybe some humor!) in your search for answers.

I make it a policy to tell people that I never guarentee or promise anything. If I feel that a connnection can be made, then we could set up a sessions. If I do not get that feeling, I will tell you immediately. The other side only knows love and they will communicate if you are ready to hear certain messages. Their love for you would indeed override how much they want you to know they are there and how much they care!

I personally find great fulfillment in doing this work. It probably has a lot to do with my own search for answers and what  and whom I encountered along the way. If you think that my associates can help you wit your search for answers, then please contact us and together we will try to make that connection.

We would love to try to help put your mind at ease and help you move on to a more peasceful life.