Welcome to the Rainbow Walkers Website!

In this website we will discuss ways to help you heal many areas of you daily life. There will be discussions on communications with the "otherside", friends and family, whether they are human or animal.

We also are going to discuss energy healing, such as Reiki. A brief explanation of what Reiki is and how it works and how Reiki can be used to help some one at a distance. It is also our hopes that we can help you learn about the energy already in and around your body, so that you can utilize this wonderful tool that everyone on this planet has been given!

Medical Intuition will be demonstrated through some of the cases that have been worked on, in conjunction with the Doctors. How guidance has helped to find abnormalities that have puzzled the medical field, and those who could not "speak" their problems where given a voice to do so.

It is our sincerest hopes that you will take a way some new and helpful knowledge from this website and if you feel we can help you, that we can work together to find answers.

We do want to make one thing perfectly clear though!  This is NOT a psychic website!  It is an intuitive one. The difference is, we do not tell you things about future events of your  life. That is, unless some one on the other side needs to get that message to you. We are here to try to help you make connection wit loved ones who have passed away, medical situations, healing with your own energy and things that Mother earth can provide, and distant healing we can offer you.

Sit back and enjoy the amusing anecdotes and the true stories of cases that you will read about. Then if you decide that we may be able to help you, please contact us. Together we will try to fine the peace of mind you may be looking for.

OUR MISSION: To help and heal and to teach everyone to do the same.