Medical Intuition

You may ask what a Medical Intuitive is or does?
Let me explain what happens when I am working in
this capacity to help either a client or a Doctor.

Generally I am talking someone and I perceive
information through pictures projected in my head,
feelings in certain areas of my body or thoughts in
the form of words in my head. I tell the client or
Doctor what my perception is and together we can
come to a workable solution.

For instance, I may feel discomfort in the form of
pain, burning, or tightening, (to mention a few
sensations), in a certain part of my body. This will
be in the same area the patient is experiencing a
problem. When this happens over the phone it never
seizes to amaze me and the person on the other
end of the line!

This kind of information has been used to help
Veternarians and clients. There have been many
times when medical tests have proven the
information that has been given to the Doctors is accurate.

Sometimes mental and emotional issues can be responsible for the origin of the disease, and the images that are perceived can reflect this. This is where Homeopathic, Bach Flower Remedies and/or Aromatherapy can be utilized to alleviate these symptoms.

I don't fully understand why this happens, but the guidance has proven to be accurate and valid. There have been times when diseases have not been detected in the physical body but can be detected through using intuition, it's like getting an early "warning" about things going on in the body that can help get attention before the disease actually comes to the fore front.

We are all Reiki Healers in this website, and each of us would like to try and utilize our guidance to help you with the problems that you or your animal friends are having, in conjunction with your Doctor.