Distant Healing

What exactly is Distant Healing and what are the
benefits? These may be some of the questions you
may be asking, and we hope we can help you with
some answers.

What exactly is Distant Healing and what are the
benefits? These may be some of the questions you
maybe asking, and we hope we can help you with
some of these answers.

The kind of Distant Healing we use is Reiki, and most
of the time, visualization along with it. Reiki is a type
of energy healing which promotes faster healing and
balancing in the body. It is mostly a hands on or
hands with the Auric Body healing. I always include
asking guidance for help and prayers also.

Reiki can be "sent" distantly by using sanskrit
symbols and mantra, and the correct intention.
We have had very many positive results with sending
healing to humans, animals and situations.

Disease is negative energy that needs to be removed
or the lack of energy in a certain area. The energy
we use to heal ourselves is basically "stored" in the
chakra in our bodies. These chakras, when
functioning at full capacity and properly, create a
"line" of energy down the center of our body.

As Reiki we utilize this chakra energy and redirect it
or "ask" it to go where it is needed in the body to
help the body heal.

Distant healing can be for physical, mental and
emotional healing, and sometimes all three are
neccesary to cure not only the manifestation of the disease, but also the origin of it. Sometimes, but not all the time, this healing can actually be felt and people can report the exact time that it was sent and recieved. I personally have sent healing and received healing over the phone at times of great turmoil or emotional upset, and the receiver noticed an immediate calmness come over them. Faster healing seems to occur from distant healing that is sent also. Reiki can speed healing especially when sent before and after surgery.

Visualizing the energy deficient area or weakened area is used along with the Reiki to further help the healing process. Visualizing either white light or the appropriate color light around the area or areas that need healing, can aid in the healing process.

I will state from personal experience, that I know the Reiki works miraculously it seems sometimes! But as I have said before we do not promise or guarantee that Reiki Distant Healing will cure you and all of your problems, because some times there are experiences or lessons that you must go through.

Lesssons sometimes have to be learned first before healing can occur. I have had this happen to me, once I have either lived through the experience or learned the lesson, the healing takes place.

If your guidance is leading you here, them hopefully we can help you. We certainly would like to help you in anyway we possibly can. So if you "feel" that our services can be a positive influence on you, then please contact us. We are here to help and heal everyone that we can. Hopefully we can help you.