.Crystal Helpers

Crystals are much more than just beautiful works of Mother
Nature's artwork, they can help us in an abundance of ways. 
They can help us to heal and enhance our energy, cleanse objects
and other crystals, keep our energy cleansed and protected and
many other things.

People have been using crystals for their healing energies for
centuries, and have seen what wonderful energy is hidden inside everyone.  They came to understand that each kind of crystals had a different healing energy that it possessed.  In olden days (and some still do this today), people crushed them and made elixirs out of them and then drank the elixirs when they needed to.  They wore them on their bodies to not only heal, but to also ward off  negative energies or "bad spirits", which we still do today along with many other reasons.

Did you know that your watch, if it is a quartz crystal watch, is running on crystal power or energy?  The way this works is the quartz vibrates very quickly and supplies the energy needed to power the watch.  This is also how you learn to "feel" the crystal working for you and how your guidance helps you to pick out  the right crystal for you and your
energy, when you are "guided" to a crystal, then pick it up and feel it in your hand.  A good way to feel the crystal is to put it in your left hand, and see if it doesn't vibrate in your hand.   Your left hand is usually your "receiving" hand and your "right" hand is your sending hand, but if you don't feel anything with your left , then try your right hand instead.  Everyone is different, so do what comes natural or  whatever feels right for you.  If you can't feel the stone vibrate don't worry, there are lots of reasons why you may not, most of them deal with your energy is not cleansed, which you will learn the one way that I use everyday, on the page about cleansing your energy. 

Crystals can be used in crystals layouts, which is just one of the many ways we can utilize these energy healers.  A crystal layout is usually done with the crystals being placed either on the body or around the body. Their positive energy can help us when we wear them, depending on what we are guided to, and what kind of energy we are looking to enhance or strengthen.

We usually suggest that people, (unless drawn to a specific crystal), begin with a quartz, amethyst, or rose quartz crystal.  The quartz is an around stone, the rose quartz is for "love", whether this is self love or the love of others.  I use the amethyst for healing purposes more than other.

We encourage you to look up crystals and see if they "feel" right for you, and find out the healing qualities that the ones that you are drawn to can help you with.  There are many wonderful books at the library,in book stores and on line.  We believe that if you are interested in crystals and their energies, you will be guided to the right source of learning for you.   As well as other subjects discussed in this website, we believe that self discovery with some guidance is the best way to learn and get in the routine of the use of crystals and other things in your daily routines.

     When you go into a store that sells crystals and stones, please remember, they don't have to be big or expensive, they just have to "feel" right for you, so hold them, walk around with them and really get a good "feel" for them before buying them!