Color Energy

We use color energy all the time without even knowing it, but our Guidance helps us in many ways that we don't recognize until we actually try to.  How many times have you worn black to an interview?, or worn black to work only to find out that it was a horrible day?

Black is the color of grounding energy, this is not a good color to have in your aura energy, but to utilize the healing energy is a different story.  When you go to the closet or drawer and pull out something black, take notice if something bad or unsettling happens on the  day.  I personally used to wear black when I worked with a specific Dr., even when he wasn't scheduled to work!  I just thank my guidance for the "warning" and the help.  It sounds simple, and almost ridiculous I know, but it really does work.

Blue is the color of communication, see if you don't find
yourself talking to people more about things they need to
know.  It can also help by calming or soothing you.  This
color and the color green are used  in Dr.'s offices.  It has
been proven with surveys and polls

Pink is the color of friendship love and nurturing love.This
could be a new friend, a renewed friendship or a current
friend getting together.  You may also hear from an old
friend that you have been thinking about and heard from
for a few years.  It could also be that you need to help someone in a "motherly" way.  This is also a color that can mean you need to be kind to yourself, love yourself and accept yourself.  One more thing that I have found this color to symbolize, light hearted happiness.

Red can be the color for strength, courage, love, passion and willpower but these are just a few of its uses.  If you have high blood pressure, it is said that you need to be careful in wearing this color can also be associated with anger, rage and aggression.  I am always leary of wearing red but when I feel like I have to, but it always makes sense at the end of the day.

Green can be for healing, peace, tranquility, and sedative effect.  Honestly one reason that money is colored green, is because it supposed to be soothing to have it, or at least that is the theory behind chosing the color green as the main color of money .It has been proven with statistics that green and blue are calming for people who are sick or upset.  It seems that these colors help make a difference in the patient's attitude.  I find that when I wear green I get calls for the Medical Intuitve side of me, whether Dr. or patient.

White can mean sincerity, truthfulness, virtue and purity, are just a few examples of  this colors energy strengths.  Notice what you say or are trying to prove when you wear white.  Most brides wear white and don't even know why, it's just the thing to do, but in the olden days it was worn for a definate reason.  White is a "pure" color, and it is also a color to be worn when you are proving a point about your innocense, whether you know it or not.  White is also a color of higher spirituality.

Purple is associated with royalty, Intuition, the higher mind and is good for allowing only the higher guidance to come through.  Notice if you wear purple on a day that you need to make big decisions and need all the guidance you can get.  If you don't wear this color, see if you are drawn to things that are purple.  I usually find when I wear purple I give a lot of messages that day.  Even if it is just the color of your underwear, check to see if this applies to you also.

Yellow's effects can felt as intelligence, concentration, mental alertness and vibrance, along with many more.  I just know that when I wear yellow, I am amazed at the things that come out of my mouth!  The guidance that comes across helps me and others, and most of all I learn something from the messages that I am giving! 

Our hope is that you will be interested enough to research other colors on your own,  The colors listed are just a few.  See if these make sense with what you wear each day.