You may or maynot have heard the word "Chakras" before, Chakras, in absolutely the most simple explanation, are the energy centers located inside and
outside of the body.  Most people deal with just the main seven
which create a line of energy which runs down the center of the body,
from above the head thru the genital area. 

You are probably more familiar with the word "Chi" such as Tai Chi,
or maybe you've heard the word "prana".  These all mean and are the
same thing.  They describe the energy system in everyone of us.

Each Chakra or energy center is concerned with  our physical, mental
and  emotional well being, and when each is running at "full capacity",
we feel more balanced and healthy.  It is when these lifeforce centers
are blocked or not working properly , that we begin to notice 

These problems may manifest as a physical , mental and/or  emotional illness.  For instance, if you have problems with your throat this could be due to the inability to speak what is on your mind. Perhaps you have back or shoulder problems, could it be due to your feeling of carrying too heavy of a load in your stressful life?  It could indeed be!  Only you can decide  if you take on too much responsibility, which may be a contributing to your physical ailment.

Learning about Chakras and the healing, clearing or cleansing of them, can lead you into a whole new world of self discovery.  It can be quite amazing and also quite an awakening for you.  By locating which Chakras need help and finding their physical and emotional correlation with your own situation can be quite enlightening. 

Your Chakras also hold past live experiences and lessons, this could also be an area of deficiency in the body.  It has been documented that people have gone through all sorts of medical tests to no avail, but when regressed to another life time, the origin of pain was located and removed.  After the therapy session (s), the  patient was miraculously miraculous miracuously  miracoulsly "cured".

miraculously "cured".

One way you can prove to yourself that these energy centers exist is to take a moment and rube your hands together briskly (making sure that the thumbs are connected to the rest of the fingers), then pull your hands apart, feel them tingling?  Now put your hands on the center of your forehead, just above your eyebrows.  Do you feel a pulsing or a pulling sensation?  This is your Brow Chakra or your third eye.  This is were intuitive guidance comes through.

Now take those tingling hands and move them down your body, stopping where  you feel that pulsing or pulling sensation. You can now locate the main chakra system in your body.  Congratulations!

By working on these energy centers, you can help your body realign and heal.  There are many wonderful books on this subject that you can find in your local libraries and bookstores.

I firmly believe that you should explore this experience on your own,  I think that self discovery should come at your own pace and time.  This way people don't feel like they should be on some kind of schedule or timeline, and become disappointed because they think that they are not moving along fast enough.  So enjoy the journey, relax and discover the secrets these wonderful centers of energy hold for you to uncover.