Animal Communication

Do you lead a stressed out and busy life? Did you
ever think how this might affect your animal
companions? They feel the same pain, anger and
frustration as we do, when we are in a stressful

Have you noticed changes in your pet's behavior
lately? Could it be due to some changes that are
going on in your life?

I have worked with many animals that have gone
through changes in a family's situation. Whether
it's a breakup, divorce, or death, if affects them as
well as you! They  may act or behave differently to let you know how they are feeling.

I have worked with abused animals at one of the many wonderful no-kill animal shelters.  I've found that much like their human counter-parts, once they "tell" someone of their pain, they can lead normal, happy lives again or perhaps for the first time ever!

When I "talk" to them it is like going to a therapist.  I do my best to remove the "triggers" that upset them.  These triggers can be certain kinds of clothing a person would wear, a situation or a certain kind of person.  By this I mean the person who was unkind or cruel could have worn a particular uniform, or had a moustache, or perhaps a certain habit.  Bringing these things to light can heal the hurt and prevent the memories from further damaging their chances at having a happy life.

Physical illness sometimes, can manifest from inner turmoil also.  I have worked with doctors who could find no medical reason for discomfort or self-destruction, but yet the animal was displaying this.  Sometimes when you have a "heart-to-heart" talk with them you alleviate what they are feeling or possibly going through, what may seem like one thing may be another.  It could also be a way for your animal friend to get your attention that something is wrong.

I have also worked with several veterinarians and have had my own business for severals years now.  I have worked with many troubled and confused pets, and many happy and well-adjusted animals that just need to "voice" their opinion from time to time.  They communicate in several different ways to me"  they may show me a picture or send me a message in the form of words (telepathically), or they may project their discomfort in some area in my body (empathetically).  Generally when I am in a session with them, I perceive all of these to one extent or another. 

If you are having some behavior problems or your animal friend just doesn't seem to be the same, my associates and I may be able to help.  We do not like to see anyone hurt, confused, or unhappy.  We would like to try to bring you closer together, to live in harmony.

This also applies to out beloved animal companions who have crossed that "Rainbow Bridge" to the other side.  We would like to try to help you make that connection, so you fully understand that they are happy and do come to visit you all the time.  They never seem to go far away from your side, but since you can't see them or feel them, you think they are no longer there.  If you had a loving and caring relationship with them on this side, then when they cross, they are still your steadfast friend.  The difference is the physical body is not evident anymore, but loving energy remains.  We would like to try and make a connection for you, so that your mind can now be at ease.

I have given comfort to many people with information I have received from the other side and I hope that I can do the same for you.  Whether your companion is on this side or has crossed over to the other, and would like to try to make that connection, would like to help both of you heal!