Spirit Short Stories

These are true stories of some of my experiences with delivering messages from the other side and other types of spirit activity.

When I first went up to the Jennie Wade House, where I am one of the communicators (mediums), I was doing a walk through with Joe, the owner of the tour.  I kept looking at the one wall and asked if there was something that was supposed to be on the wall.  He said no, there wasn't anything that he knew that was supposed to be on the wall.  I continued to stare at the wall, all of a sudden, a man began to  walk through the wall!  Joe asked if I could describe him and when I did, he pulled out a history book and chills went down my spine!  It was Jenny Wade's boyfriend!

I was visiting a friend, and we got to talking about her hearing what sounded like the TV on late at night.  I had  the feeling that there was some one in her son's room.  When got up to the room, I definitely felt someone there and after "talking" to them, I realized that they needed help crossing over.  They were in the service with one of the son's and had died during an accident during basic training.  This man was a good friend and "buddy" of one of the son's.  They are taught to take care of their buddies in the service and not to leave them on their own.  This is what this man did, he did not go to the light , instead he "attached" himself to the son's  rosary beads!  He knew or he thought he knew that he wouldn't be anywhere without them, problem was the son left them at his Mom's house when he came home.  We crossed him over and she hasn't had any problems since.

I had a woman call me who I had spoken with before, she told me that  she was feeling very depressed and out of sorts.  She also told me she had heard something very strange after she listened to her messages on the answering machine.  She told me that she had heard the word "poltergeist" in a very loud voice following her voice messages.  When she said that I got chills through my whole body!  I knew that someone was trying to tell her that she was not alone , there was at lease one spirit in the the house.  I asked her if anything strange had happened recently or if she had brought anything, for example, old furniture in the house.  She told me that a pearl necklace had "just appeared" on her night stand.  She thought someone had left it for her, and she began wearing it.  Around the time she started wearing the necklace, she and others noticed that her mood changed and she became very tired and lethargic.  She called me to see if I could find anything medically, I did a hand scan to see if there was anything medically that I could "pick up" on.  I couldn't find anything.

Then things started making sense, with the communication from her guides and family members that had crossed, and the pictures that I was seeing.  There appeared to be a woman in a white dress that I was seeing in my head, the feeling that I got was that this woman, when she was on this Earth plane, was bi-polar and very sad.  Which is why this lady started to feel sad, moody and lethargic.  She and her family members had either seen or felt this woman in the house, so this was not really a surprise to her.  The surprise came when I told her that I was getting the information that she had put her pearls on the night stand.   You see the pearls, as with any piece of jewelry holds the energetic "thumbprint" of the person who wore it.  That's why I cleanse any kind of jewelry that I get.  You don't really know how many people tried it on before you, and what kind of energy they had!

So I told her that I was pretty sure that we needed to cross her over and cleanse the house and the necklace.  Things like this happen when they want to cross over, things move, sounds get louder, all sorts of things happen when they are trying to get help to cross over.

I crossed over the woman and the client said she felt an immediate difference in the air, a light feeling, not a heavy feeling.  I get chills when they cross and then I get some kind of communication to let me know that they did indeed cross.  This time I heard the message for my client to "keep the pearls, as payment for the river Styx".  An odd message, but still and all, it was a definite sign that she had crossed.

I instructed my client to cleanse everything, the house, the jewelry, and her own energy so that all of this troubled woman's energy was not in the house any more.  I haven't heard from the client so all is peaceful and quiet
again, and the best part is the woman is not unhappy and stuck here any more.

I began working on the Ghost tours and one of the places that I  do the walk throughs and the talks at is the Orphanage in Gettysburg.  every time I walk in there, this wave of negative energy hits me like a weight on my chest.  Terrible things happened to these adorable children by the woman who ran the orphanage.

One night my friend and I were in the Orphanage getting ready for the tour to begin, I had the feeling of a little blonde haired girl, her pigtails went into one single curl at the end of each one.  She was the only one that answered when I asked if anyone wanted to me to try to cross them over.  The other children are leary of me because I am an adult woman, but this little girl wanted to take the chance.

I asked God and the Angels to open the door of white light and help this child go home, (this is the way that I cross over the souls but there are many ways to do so).  I began to get the image in my head of the little girl being helped by an Angel on each side, arm-in-arm, and they all three ascended.  When they started to rise up, I heard in my head "one, two, three, look at me" and with that she had been taking "home" by the Angels, and chills went through my whole body!,and I was glad that I could be a small part of helping her go "home".

      If you have met me in person, one of the first things I tell people is ,"I am not a physic, I don't do the future thing unless someone gives me that message".  By this I mean, I can't tell the future, but I have gotten warnings to pass to love ones on this side. 

I just try to help you make the connection to the other side so that closure can be achieved, and you know that they are with you ,and will always love you and help you when they can.  Just remember if a lessons needs to be learned they can not help until the lesson is learned, so it's not that they don't care or hear you, they can't interfere with the lesson at hand.