Protecting your energy

We talked about cleansing your energy, and hopefully you have
cleansed it, or are thinking about cleansing it.  After you
cleanse your energy, and get used to have just your energy
around you, it is a good idea to protect it.

There are many ways of protecting your energy which can
be done at any time.  We will just go into a few, and as
usual, you can explore books and the Internet to find one
that suits your. 

White Light - This is a method that I use quite often!  All you have to do is visualize white light around you, like a soothing cocoon, there are other colors of light that you can visualize to add on top, (we'll give a few more examples later).  It may sound strange or unbelievable but this works really well for me.  When I know that I am going into a situation that is a negative one, whether it is situation or people, I visualize white light around me and I add some other colors depending on the circumstance.

Angelic Help - I use this method along with other methods of protecting my energy.  I ask Arc Angel Michael for help with protecting my energy, removing negative energy and to help others who need help with protection.  There are countless Angels who you can call on, and their are Angels that help you because of your birth  date.  I have found that there is an Angel for anything that we could possibly ask for or need.  You may want to look up the different Angels that help us with different things and situations.

The Eye Of Horus - This is an Egyptian symbol of protection named after the Egyptian God Horus.  I have a ring that I wear most all the time, but I have drawn this symbol or printed it out of the computer and used it many places.  Once I put it under the bed because I was having some problems, I have a friend that actually carved it into a mirror for me, and I have made a sticker for my car, to keep it safe and protected.

Jet -This is a black stone that can also be used for protecting your energy.  It is a very light in weight stone and therefore it can be worn around the neck, even if it is a large piece.  I was lucky enough to find one in the shape of a whale on one side and when turned over it looks like an airplane.  There are many other crystals that are also good for protection, turquoise is one of them, you can find more by doing some research , find the one that feels right for you, make sure you cleanse it before you use it.

                        Cleansing of your crystals and stones
You can cleanse your crystal and stones many different ways, you can soak them in a sea salt and water solution for a while and then rinse them in cool (not cold), water and envision any negative going down the drain.  You can bury them in some dirt so that the negative goes in the earth and neutralizes.
You can put them in the sun light or the moonlight to cleanse and "activate " them, you can also use other crystals to cleanse them, citrine is one of the crystals that will help you with removing unwanted energy.  As you are researching the crystals, also look up cleansing and find the way that fits you the best.

There are many other ways that you can protect your energy, and I hope that you will research this so that you can keep your energy cleansed and all to your own.  I stated earlier I would give you some of the other colors of light and their uses, so below you will find some listed.   I hope that once you start researching these new energetic ways of living, you will continue to utilize these techniques and apply them to your everyday life.

Gold Light - can be used on top of the white light cocoon to seal in the energy, it sort of makes a "hard shell coating" for your energy or aura.  When I use this color, I usually see this one with glitters to it.

Pink Light - can be used for self love, for your self of others that you wrap in white light, and can be sent distantly to help some one who needs a long distance "hug".  You just visualize this pink light encircling the person or animal.  I like to also ask for healing Angels to help this person or animal.

Rainbow Light - this is a combination of all the colors of light, when I really need help because I'm afraid of something I use this kind of light along with Angelic help and the white light cocoon.  This one sparkles and is quite beautiful to see

Purple Light - this one is used so that only the "Higher Guidance" can come thru, it keeps the lower vibrating energies from "invading" your aura and your thoughts.  Use this one when you are going out in public, such as to school, to work or out socially.  Remember to envision the white light cocoon first and put purple light on top.

Green Light - green is the color for healing.  It can be visualized and "sent" to anyone who needs it.   I like to send this color in conjunction with other colors, Reiki healing, Angelic help and other healing techniques.

      Note- using colored light around the aura and sending healing light is not the same as using Color Energy.  Using color in your daily life can be as simple as wearing different color clothing.