Animal Short Stories

We hope that you enjoy these short stories, which are from real  life experiences with clients or patients just like you.  

Hi, my name is Mary Anne and I am one of the Rainbow Walkers.  These stories are true stories about cases that I have worked on.  It is my sincere hope that these stories will entertain and enlighten you.

When I was working as a veterinarian tech. I began to hear, see and feel things.  At first I really thought I was losing my mind!  I would go into the kennels to help or retrieve the animals, and I would hear someone calling me a "stupid human", along with other not so nice things! 

There was this one old female dog, who was such a angry dog that we were all afraid to have anything to do with her.  I was trying to give her some food but she would not eat anything I prepared for her.  I had tried everything that was in the clinic, all to no avail.  Then I flat out asked her, "What will you eat?"  Just then I heard "Beef Stew", so I went to the store and got a can of  beef stew.  I heated it just enough so it would be, what I thought was "tasty".  Well she just stuck her nose up and turned away.

Later that day, her Dad called and I had to tell him that I had tried everything and could not get her to eat.  His response was not expected, he told me that his Mom was a gourmet cook and fixed chicken and rice, beef and rice and beef stew!!  I was flabbergasted!!  After her Dad brought her some homemade cooking, she began to eat and did recover.

I was working at one of the Dog Walks that I do twice a year with Animal Rescue Inc., when  women sat down in the chair next to me with her dog.  She informed me that we had talked before, and she wanted me to talk to her dog, to see what information I could perceive this time.

I thought about it and asked to speak with the dog, but I could not "see" anything about the dog and I couldn't hear anything from her either.  I DID however, see a fire and a "gold colored globey thing".  I couldn't for the life of me, figure out what was going on.  I mean it's not unusual for the "other side" to "interrupt" my sessions with the animals to let their  presence known, but this had such an urgent feeling to it.  I knew we had to figure this one out.  I told her that we would gladly give her money back, but that I honestly felt that we had to work this out.

I asked her to go through the rooms in her house and when we go to the kitchen, I got cold chills (confirmation of the truth), Joanne, my partner got chills and the lady got chills.  I remember telling her that if she didn't listen to anything else I said, to please listen to this!

I received a call on the following Saturday morning from this lady, and she told me that it took three days for her to get up the courage to call her electrician and tell him that we had talked and come up with this message about her kitchen electricity and could he come and check it out.  He came to inspect the wiring in the kitchen and found the "gold colored globey thing" was actually the night light that she used in the kitchen, and yes, it could have caused a fire!  We found out that this message was from her husband who had crossed over a couple of years earlier!  We were both stunned by this  news, and grateful at the same time!  Her deceased husband had used out session at the Dog Walk to give her this message and possibly save her's and her dogs life!

I had another dog I was talking to mad the whole family laugh!  He actually "ratted" on his Dad, and it was hysterical!  It seems that the Dad had a flatulence problem and he would do this on purpose and think it was funny to do so.  I believe the family thought otherwise and I know that the dog didn't find it funny!, but I must admit the look on Dad's face when the dog told me this was priceless!  He was just coming in to see what it was all about, and left with more than he bargained for, I'm sure!

I was speaking with a woman about her dog and I had the feeling to do a hand scan on the dog, to see if I could pick up anything medically.  I told the woman that I had found something in the rear area of the dog and if it wasn't a problem at that time, it could manifest later.  I explained to her that sometimes, when I am working with the Veterinarians, I perceive pictures in my head and feel things in my body that may not show up till years later.  This has happened more than once, because I am "picking up" information about an energy deficiency in the body that needs attention.  It is usually microscopic when I detect it in real life but in my head, it is magnified many times.

Well she left not very happy with her reading, and I felt bad, but I can only give you the data that I perceive, whether it's good or bad.  Often, the things that you want to come across are not what "needs" to come across, and I get "blocked" and get go any further until the message that "they" are trying to get acrossed comes through.  As I said earlier I felt bad that she wasn't happy, but it was a very strong feeling.

She came back to see me and I was quite surprised.  She told me that a short time after we had talked, her dog had to taken to the Dr.'s for an anal gland problem!, which if you don't know where they are, they are in the rear end of the dog.  She now comes to see me at the Dog Walks for their intuitive "check-up".

     Let me make this totally clear, I am not a Dr. and what information I do perceive, is given with the hope that you will go see a qualified person for what ever you need.  I am basically just the "messenger" for the messages that the other side  and your guidance wants you to know, what is done with the contents of the message is up to you.

One more thing, sometimes a word or a picture is given to me just so I will say that word, I am not perfect, I am only human, so if my interpretation of that picture is not correct, I am apologize, but I will do my absolute best to help you to make sense of the information that does come across.